It may be a long time since anyone here at Halvo Signs picked up a paintbrush and painted a sign, but the talent that launched this company is still evident in every job we do.

There’s 20 years of graphic design, manufacture and installation experience under the belts of everyone who works at our Mill Lane premises, and it’s just got better and better over time.

These days our award-winning designers and technicians use the latest design technology and laser equipment, and you’ll see our work all over the Far North on boats, cars, trucks, buildings, helicopters, billboards and business cards. We adhere to the highest industry standards and we work hard to make our costs competitive.

The process is dead simple – well, it is for you. Come in for a coffee, tell us what you want, and we can put together a design that’ll blow you away. You can sit right there at the computer and make changes as we go, and then our smart technology can show you what your design will look like on your rally car or your fishing boat. Once you’re happy, we’ll give you a price and in no time you’ll be seeing your name in lights – or on a letterhead, or even on that billboard up at the rugby club.

This is a family owned and run business, and honestly, no job’s too small, or too big. So whether you want a really little logo or something that’ll cover the whole side of your building, this is the place to come.

Signwriting, Computer lettering, Logos & Graphics, Design, Vehicles & Boats, Buildings, Screenprinting, Illuminated Signs, Banners, Bonnet Protectors, Billboards, Gold Leaf Work, Sale Windows.

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